Lifeguards, Techies, Storytellers, Tramps and Thieves

(Not Really Tramps or Thieves...)

As anyone who spends their free time around the beach can testify, a rip current is a force of nature to be respected. By definition, it is a channel of water flowing seaward from the shore, taking with it most anything caught in the current. These powerful channels can prove exhausting and catastrophic if you try to swim against them. Experienced swimmers however, understand that the wisest course of action is to instead swim WITH the natural current until you get past the danger, and then move away to more favorable waters. That’s the philosophy that Orlando Content Marketing agency RipCurrent Content Marketing Services was founded on.

We believe that the natural flow in today’s consumer driven economy is in building trusted long-term relationships by delivering relevant and value focused content to a carefully targeted audience the way they want to receive it, when they want to hear it, and where they are already looking for it. Instead of going with the natural flow however, many businesses still focus on casting as wide a net as possible, and baiting their lines primarily with sales pitches and tag lines.

We operate under the philosophy that what you ARE NOT is just as important as what you ARE.

We’re content marketing experts who are in the business of creating and strategically deploying the kind of content that creates moments and makes synapses fire. What we’re NOT in the business of though, is "tricking" search engines, up-selling, jargon, or building tools for our clients that they can’t relate to and don't understand.

Who we are:

We’re a small group of Orlando and Cleveland based marketing agency veterans with a rather diverse background. We’re copy writers, graphic artists, web designers, audio/video engineers, educators, broadcasters, journalists, sales people, SEO managers, bloggers, event planners, and public speakers. We’re focused on doing great things for a small number of clients and having a blast while helping them succeed with their own goals. We're a inbound digital marketing agency, but that's just the beginning.

Who YOU are:

If you are reading this, chances are that you are one of two people…

1.) A business owner or manager who is interested in the leads that Content Marketing can help bring in, but you aren't sure just where to go or whom to trust. Hey, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there!

2.) A marketing manager who has more expectations to deliver on than there are hours in the day, and now you are considering whether or not RipCurrent's content marketing experts can help you meet and surpass all of those goals that you are trying to reach (Spoiler alert: we CAN!).

Most companies don't have the resources to keep a dedicated crew of content marketing experts on staff, but that's no problem as long as you keep us on on your Rolodex (hey, remember those?).

We're RipCurrent Content Marketing Services- and we're more than just another Content Marketing agency...

Just think of us as your content marketing lifeguards.


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